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Design-Oriented Studio & Big Thinkers 

Andmore strives to undertake each project with an open mindset, beginning with a blank canvas that starts to paint itself guided by constraints of the urban fabric, programs, clients' designer and jurisdictional criteria. The end product will be one that seamlessly integrates itself into the life and culture of the local community providing meaning not only to the architecture itself but to the neighborhood as well. As such, with continued hard work and passion for design, Andmore Partners were awarded two Gold Nugget Design Merit Awards in 2022.

Active Developer & Established Architect

Since 2015, Andmore continually develops its own real estate projects starting from the acquisition, funding, loan, design, permitting, construction management, and oversight of its leasing and occupancy. Thus far, Andmore has completed two apartment developments, with other two apartment / mixed-use projects expected to break ground in 2023. Andmore owns and holds two out of four of its developments as a developer helps Andmore understand market trends that impact design services. With the acquired expertise, Andmore sees design as a strategy and understands its outcome when conceived. Andmore is driven by this strategy to help our clients leverage the power of design to create innovative solutions.

Strong Large Multi-Family Development Design

& Master Planning Experience

Andmore is proud of its intensive knowledge of multi-unit developments and a deep understanding of the housing market and housing needs. Through the rigorous design process, iterations, and numerous evaluations, Andmore continuously seeks to reformulate new ideas that would question the existing archetype.

Hands-On Entitlement Process Managed

by the Principals

Prior to Andmore Partners, both principals gained extensive experience managing entitlement processes for large projects in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Orange County while working at previous offices. This valuable experience provides them with a detailed knowledge of the process and the ability to handle entitlements efficiently. Andmore supports clients by carefully managing all the entitlement processes. Since its inception, Andmore has successfully obtained all entitlements including a large multi-family complex, an HPOZ development, a meditation campus, and other various urban housing in-fill projects.

buena park 6.JPG

Honesty, Sincerity 

Andmore believes in sharing the design and strategy processes simultaneously with the clients, collaborating at every stage. We become a strong advocate for the owner from the beginning to project completion.  

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