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Foothill Mixed Use

The Foothill Mixed Use, located in La Crescenta-Montrose, is a part of the Foothill Mixed Use Master Plan. The project aims to introduce mixed circulation across the large site, bring connection within the community, create a vibrant atmosphere through design variation, create sufficient parking spaces and allow for future development options.


The Foothill Mixed Use has 3-story mixed use with two story subterranean parking. This project is composed of approximately 12,000 sq ft of commercial and office for level 1, 24,000 sq ft of 18-units of condominium and 46,000 sq ft of subterranean parking. By having a main connection, both visually and physically, across the site, there is better integration and accessibility between the mixed use building to the adjacent townhouses.  

Project Facts

Location: La Crescenta, CA

Site Area: 25,000 sq ft

Project Area: 82,000 sq ft

Developers: YST Investment

Status: Design Development

Design Team

Design Director

Sean Mo, Heagi Kang

Project Architect

Aswin Wijaya 

Project Assistant

Taira Tsukioka

Xinyi Cao

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