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Foothill Townhouses

The 29-unit Foothill Townhouses, located in La Crescenta-Montrose, is a part of the Foothill Mixed Use Master Plan. The project aims to introduce mixed circulation across the large site, bring connection within the community, create a vibrant atmosphere through design variation, create sufficient parking spaces and allow for future development options.


The Foothill Townhouses has shared gardens, open views from roof decks and balconies, and pool amenities to promote healthy living for its future residents. By having a main connection, both visually and physically, across the site, there is better integration and accessibility between the townhouses to the adjacent commercial building.  

Project Facts

Location: La Crescenta, CA

Site Area: 56,000 sq ft

Project Area: 54,000 sq ft

Developers: YST Investment

Status: Design Development

Design Team

Design Director

Sean Mo


Sean Mo, Heagi Kang

Project Architect

Aswin Wijaya 

Project Assistant

Taira Tsukioka

Xinyi Cao

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