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Dosan Memorial

This project is the result of rethinking the meaning of statue in contemporary language. Instead of one dimensional flat relationship to the visitors as detected in current situation, Andmore's interest was to create an interactive and three-dimensional experimental space to listen to Dosan's messages. The depth of the space is established based on his life period and each step represents each year of his age.


While visitors descend down the steps, historical facts and events are illustrated on the wall as text form and/or images along their path. Visitors experience the timeline where Dosan was standing and experience the hardships he had in his lifetime. Visitors have a chance to know his different aspects of life like as an educator, a visionary, blue collar worker, prime minister of provisional government in Shanghai by the interfacing walls situated in various angles and shapes created by the intersecting geometries. 

The site transforms into a small museum following the path of historical timeline of Dosan, experiencing the hardships he endured in his lifetime and listen to his messages through spatial experience.

Project Facts

Location: Orange County, CA

Status: Competition

Design Team

Design Director

Heagi Kang

Project Designer

Kai-Shi Hsu

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