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To decouple 12th Street Apartments’ design from the conventional stick-frame look, Andmore Partners collaborated early and often with the project’s structural engineer about maximizing the building envelope to best accommodate the elevator hall and fourth-floor community deck while complying with height setback requirements.  The result is a modern, angular massing utilizing a minimal color palette of red, white, and gray.  Exterior materials include board-formed concrete and stucco, with corrugated metal paneling forming the distinctive red façade.  The panels are set in an alternating horizontal and vertical pattern, conveying dynamism and function as they angle outward to form front balconies.

Taking advantage of the sloped site conditions, the architects utilized the grade to invite natural lighting and ventilation deep into the basement level.  Sustainable measures include city-specified Low Impact Development (LID) planters for stormwater capture to reduce site runoff and replenish groundwater, energy-efficient appliances, and drought-tolerant landscape.  Conveniently placed in the underground parking area are 24 spaces for bicycles to reduce vehicular emissions.


Project Facts

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Site Area: 11,800 sq ft

Project Area:33,000  sq ft

Status: Construction 

Design Team


Sean Mo

Heagi Kang

Design Director 

Sean Mo

Project Architect 

Taira Tsukioka

Project Designer 

Xinyi Cao

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