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Artesia Mixed-Use

The proposed 7-story mixed-use structure aims to revitalize 3 underutilized commercial lots. The new construction will provide approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial programs with a focus on food and beverages (including restaurants, cafes, and eateries), new apartment housing, and create a pedestrian oriented focal point in the city of Artesia.  By including approximately 163 new residential apartment units in the design, the proposal becomes a tight-knit urban community that benefits occupants and business owners operating in and around the site. Vehicular access to the site is carefully controlled to minimize overall traffic congestion at the intersection and neighboring streets. The proposal includes approximately 343 parking stalls for passenger cars.  To provide support for alternate means of transportation, the proposal includes ample bicycle parking spaces placed in convenient locations and a walkable, contemporary pedestrian experience. This publicly accessible forecourt embraces the ideas of an urban market, where restaurants and cafés are clustered into a walkable combination of outdoor and indoor spaces. The goal is to establish a safe, comfortable, and accessible pedestrian experience made up of a cluster of bright, well-connected spaces which will replace the underutilized commercial and parking currently existing. The second through seventh floors of the building will contain residential units, and their contemporary design and light, playfully colored exterior façade will improve the existing site condition and living environment for residents of Artesia and neighboring communities.

Project Facts

Location: Artesia, CA

Site Area: 1.9 Acre

Project Area: Confidential

Developers: Confidential

Status: Design Development

Design Team

Design Director

Sean Mo, Heagi Kang

Project Architect

Taira Tsukioka

Project Assistant

Arthur Modine

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