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​Andmore Partners (Andmore) is an award-winning architecture design studio. Andmore is founded by two partners, Sean Mo and Hyeung Seok(Heagi) Kang, both of whom have gained extensive experience while working at renowned design studios such as Eric Owen Moss Architects, TSM, Jerde Partnership, and GMPA Architects.

Andmore’s projects range from master planning to single-family residential to mixed-use residential / commercial design. Based in Los Angeles, the team’s experience includes designs of multiple scales and various projects in China, Russia, South Korea, Mexico, and the United States. 

Andmore’s philosophy emphasizes in a collaborative and synergetic approach that is characterized by a strong sense of curiosity. The goal is to deliver not only a creative design solution, but also a meaningful environmental space, and more.

Since the founding, Andmore quickly establishes its reputation on as an excellent design firm. With a variety of projects including large multi-family apartments, hotels, mixed-use developments, medical offices, custom residences, and a 23-acre meditation campus master plan, Andmore is rapidly changing the urban landscape and challenging the status quo.

Partners: Heagi Kang; Prinicapl  I  Sean Mo; Prinicipal

Project Manager: Taira Tsukioka; Associate

Designers: Arthur Modine  I  Blessing Kim  I  Clarissa Wijaya I  Yiman Yiman  

Consultants: Joyce Kim

California Architect License Number: C38323
Professional Liability Insurance: $2MM



Heagi Kang

Co-founder, Principal 

Sean Mo

Co-founder, Principal

Heagi (Hyeung Seok) Kang, AIA, is a co-founder and design principal at Andmore Partners. His professional career began with an Internship at Eric Own Moss and evolved into 14 years of residential and commercial experience working at GMPA
Architects (previously GMP), Mix Studio Works, and AC. Martin + TSM. Prior to studying architecture, Heagi navigated several different fields other than architecture, starting from social welfare at Yonsei University, and anthropology and fine art at the University of Oregon. While he was in the master’s program at Sci-Arc in Los Angeles, he took two international programs for one year, collaborating with a studio at Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and another in Kyoto Seika University in Japan.


Heagi's interdisciplinary studies and varied hands-on architectural experiences allow him to shape his own way of seeing a design. His fundamental process provides a deeper understanding and critical path of thinking compared to the typical design process. Heagi believes that creativity originates from finding, discovering, and combining two or more different things, rather than inventing a new thing that never existed. In that sense, as an architect, he thinks we should find the hidden or ignored value, and redefine the relationship, opening the possibilities to embrace our lifestyle through the quality of spaces. Heagi also approaches “architecture as a developer” which is not the traditional role of the architect. He believes this approach helps find a balance between financial feasibility and architectural rightness.

Master of Architecture, Sci-Arc, Los Angeles, USA

Postbaccalaureate Program in Anthropology, Universtiy of Oregon

Bachelor of Arts, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

Sean Mo is co-founder and design principal at Andmore Partners. Sean’s work is informed by his long interest and curiosity for architecture as urban design. He believes it is essential to understand architectural form as an urban catalyst for social responsibility. Sean’s varied design experience ranges from high-rise buildings, mixed-use, and multi-family residences to a meditation center, hotel, church, master planning, etc. His work exhibits a strong sense of design. He is the recipient of an architectural design award for a highly competitive international master plan competition. Other design awards include one for a Jewish church in Los Angeles. In addition, he served as a columnist for a Korean newsletter for two years, writing an architecture article every month. Sean is also a speaker/panelist for the architecture / real estate development program for the University of Southern California. Sean’s prior work experience includes direct collaboration with well-established developers, providing him with a keen understanding of the developer’s point of view. This unique experience helps him to direct the firm’s development efforts. His role includes acquisition, funding, loan, design, permitting, construction management, leasing, and hold strategy. This specialized knowledge and expertise provide value-added services to each client, beyond design. Sean earned dual master's degrees, earned from two different countries, It provides Sean with two different viewpoints: oriental and western. Korean teaching emphasizes abstract, hidden meanings, based on the relationships between spaces. In contrast, American teaching focuses on the dynamic effect driven by architectural form. Sean pushes the boundary between these differing philosophies to create innovative designs that reflect both viewpoints.

Master of Architecture, Sci-Arc, Los Angeles, USA

Master of Architecture, Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea

Wenfei Gu
MArch @ Washington Univ.

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Project Map

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