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Rampart Loft 

Architecture as urban Catalyst in a Vehicle Dominated Concrete Jungle: The question in the Vehicle Dominated City

Los Angeles is a city known for long lines of traffic congestion against a smoggy horizon. Among the world’s densely populated metropolitan cities, Los Angeles has a uniquely underutilized public transit system. The disjointed and cumbersome transit system does not allow people to easily travel across such a large, decentralized city. Instead, most people in L.A. prefer to travel around the city by car - ridesharing or in personal vehicles. Most buildings in L.A., therefore, are experienced through moving vehicle windows. Rampart Loft was designed with this concept in mind.

Fitting for the heavily trafficked city, Rampart Loft is located at a busy intersection. Instead of fading into the concrete jungle background, this building is dynamic; reaching out from its street corner to draw the eyes and invoke a sense of movement using shape and color. Rather than building separate layers vertically, floor by floor - as seen with most apartment buildings - the Rampart Loft space progresses across the horizontal line, creating a seamless curved form from East to West and around the South vertical wall. The lines of the building blend into a bold floorless work of art rather than a traditional wedding cake-like design (basement is split from upper floors). The curved exterior creates a feeling of continuity as each vehicle approaches and passes by. White and steel grey define the building and serve as a backdrop to emphasize the vibrant vertical pops of the city’s iconic sunset colors: red, orange, yellow. The smooth flow of recognizable colors defines the building against - at the same time as blending it into - the urban cityscape.



Project Facts

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Site Area: 7,777 sq ft

Project Area:13,500 sq ft

Status: Complete, 2020

Design Team


Sean Mo(Design Director)

Heagi Kang

Project Designer 

Aswin Wijaya

Project Assistants

Yan Xia

Xinyi Cao

rampart 1.JPG
Rampart APT.JPG
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